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We want to lead with awesome people like You. Unlock our riveting and thought provoking content, our tailor made products and services and passion for optimizing your experience by clicking in any one of the links below. 

Cognizant Individuals

Self Awareness. Engagement.Sustainability. Ease-of-mind.

We  spend time with you, taking our client from lost to cognizant, useless to abundant, we get you to YOU! We’re looking for individuals who are looking for their purpose, who want to not only find it but commercialize it. Who do you know?

If YOU are an undergraduate, graduate, semi skilled job seeker, wage earning employee or NPO then click below.

Distinct Employees

Purpose.Responsibility. Autonomy. Flexibility. Attention. Lead a purpose driven lifestyle.

We take our clients from skilled to distinct, ROI driven to purpose driven, we help you love what you do and to do it exceptionally well! We’re looking for skilled individuals with a hunger for growth, self sustainability, with a heightened self esteem and who need a platform to be the highest esteem of themselves: Who do you know?

If you are an experienced employee or start up entrepreneur

Quality Entrepreneurs

Actionable Skill. B2B and B2C networks. Scale. Digital Marketing.

As a result of our services as business strategists, we take our clients ideas from concept to store, from napkin to completion, we help get it done. We’re looking for individuals and corporates with great ideas and need someone to increase their market: Who do you know?

If you a seasoned entrepreneur or skilled professional then this is your starting point 

Hi I’m Khollaborater. Welcome to our personal and business growth  website. Through effective collaborations, we develop lives, train skill and scale small businesses. We engage with you on multiple platforms like YouTube, podcasts, blogs, networking events and social pages. 

We spark the brains that will change the world. You will learn to know yourself, love yourself and be independent.


Head of Marketing and strategy

Be Heard -Say it!

Are Professionals clogging growth?

  • What are the underlying issues?
  • How do professionals connect to "radical economic transformation"?
  • In what ways do we need to change?

The Diminishing returns of Being a Graduate

  • With only 1% of formal Black owned SME's, from whom are you seeking employment?

Start up Series

business - an extension of you

It's a can't miss listening for entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Get first class detailed execution plans, gritty and actionable insights that are perfectly suited for Mzansi entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

The attitude of thinking

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we would tap into our South African creed?

What if money is not the issue ?

rethinking the narrative

What they say about us...

"Great platform for business marketing and collaboration. I love their innovation and their empowerment spirit. Keep up the food work and let’s make South Africa an economically sustainable country. It’s possible to become a developed country."
Boipelo Sibanda
Life Coach
"The Zimele Kumkani Pty Ltd team really did good and I still appreciate this opportunity. The constant feedback and salutations I get from those who view the Zimele work is very amazing ... very thankful."
Richard Pholoshi
"A place to be and communicate with people who can add value to your life."
Tobias Mambwe

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We exist as a platform for your personal and business growth through effective collaborations that foster,oversee and perpetuate the affluence of the people of South Africa. Let us tap into ou native creed of believing in the power of the people: Amandla Ngawethu


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