Who we are

We are a personal and business development powerhouse that breeds cognizant individuals, distinct employees and quality entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead effective collaborations that foster, oversee and perpetuate the affluence of the people of Africa, particularly South Africa.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to exist as a medium through which the people lead purpose driven lifestyles

Our Objective

Our Objective is to provide personal, business and investment development products and services that speak to the needs of the people.

Our Why of 

Shaping the future

Zimele Kumkani is a platform designed for African patriots who are not shy to roll up their sleeves and partake in the initiative to foster, oversee and perpetuate an inclusive economy.  

We believe in inclusive economic transformation that is intentional, systematic, strategic, capacitated and effective. We are a platform designed to assist individuals and SMEs learn new skills, knowledge, or attitudes. As a result, individuals make a change or transformation that improves or enhances their personal, business and investment performance and lifestyles. These improvements ensure that people and organisations are able to do things better, faster, easier, and with higher quality and a better return on investments through effective collaborations that foster, oversee and perpetuate the affluence of the people of South Africa

We intend to promote objectives included in the BEE  objectives, to advance effective participation of black people in the economy and promote a higher growth rate, through increased self- employment, self-education and personal selling.  We aim to achieve a substantial change in the racial composition of ownership and management structures and in the skilled occupations of existing and new enterprises; increase the extent to which communities, workers, cooperatives and other collective enterprises own and manage existing and new enterprises; and increase access to economic activities, infrastructure and skills training.

We achieve this through structured exposure to specific tasks/ duties for individuals, this ensures that people use what they have now to achieve their personal and business goals and objectives through effective collaborations. We breed knowledgeable, results oriented, active, open minded and intentional individuals whose common vision and mission is to ensure inclusive economic transformation

About the Founder: The "khollaborater"

A powerhouse, intent on leading effective collaborations that foster, oversee and perpertuate the affluence of the people of South Africa.

Kholiswa Mqotyana BAP (SA)

Profile Overview

She is an experienced accountant known for going the extra mile in helping, supporting and educating clients lead better entities. The”Khollaborater” is an accountant, turned marketing and strategic thinking activist passionate about laying the groundwork  for radical economic transformation. She doesn’t just say, she does. Her thought provoking approach to key economic issues, her love for her people, her passion for inclusive transformation and built-in leadership skills make her an impossible to ignore powerhouse.

She is a motivated professional with critical thinking proficiency and extensive accounting and auditing experience. As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, she strives for positive results through the application of her interpersonal and organisational abilities.

Backed with a degree in accounting, a practice license and over 35 CPD verified courses in accounting, marketing, selling, personal development, corporate, governance, Coaching, Facilitation, POPI, FICA etc. Kholiswa the Khollaborater is a Powerhouse able and ready to move South Africa forward!

Keynote: Professionals are the leverage

We professionals are the inclusive economic growth catalysts. We need only o tap into the mindset of utilizing our human capital in the process of generating income outside our current trading of our technical skills for salaries.  We are the link in phasing in unemployed graduates into the labor market while we phase into entrepreneurship in a manner that reduces household debt and diversifies skill.

Keynote: Economic transformation- We have all Power

We the people have all power. The economic transformation of our country is dependent on us being cognizant of the extent through our collaborative efforts can shape our vision of an inclusive growing South Africa. It is not politics, it is Economics…

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