Shaping the future

We are behind the scenes rethinking economic transformation. Our products and services will inspire skilled labor force affiliations to grow  competitive entrepreneur entities, enabling entrepreneurs to step up on their innovation and productivity. We will hedge against the gaps existing between unemployed graduates, unskilled labor force and build new routes that limit barriers to economic entry by introducing systems that ensure that the people are the employers of economic factors of production. Our approach will address the skills shortages and improve access to information which intends to trump the current inherent need of people for external accreditation (current education system).We  are coming soon!

Zazi products & Services

Zazi's core service is personal development, delivered through the "Ikemba Edu" as well as the "Adebambo Personal Branding" products and services

Zithande Products & Services

Zithande's core service is business development delivered through the "Akachi" and "Amarachi" products and services

Zimele Products & Services

Zimele's core service is Investments, delivered through the 'Melisizwe', 'Chinasa' as well as the 'Chidubem' products and services

please help us

We are looking for patriots who believe in the mission of breeding cognizant individuals, distinct employees and quality entrepreneurs through effective collaborations that foster, oversee and perpetuate the affluence of the people of South Africa. Who do you know?

Our connections grow every week... the stats so far :

25 Non Profit Orgs

54 Individuals

72 Private Corporates

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